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Talent communities are the key to converting alumni into boomerangs

PeerTown is a platform for companies to engage corporate alumni and convert them into “boomerangs” with very little burden for HR. To learn more about the value of boomerangs, click here.

The technique is based on social engineering and professional attraction between talented people.


Using the PeerTown platform, your best employees interact with alumni on the subjects that they both
care about, in a safe and controlled environment
of specialized talent communities, called Inner Circles.

As the ties between the company and the talent increase, the alumnus is motivated to come back as an employee, becoming a boomerang.

The key is PeerTown’s patent-pending engine which automatically converts human and system-updates into personalized and engaging messages. The platform allows HR, who may not be technology experts, and engineers and other specialists, who are often not writers and communicators, to cooperate and achieve results with a fraction of the effort normally required.

To learn more about PeerTown’s Alumni and Boomerang solution, talk to us at or Contact us.

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