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PeerTown’s platform organizes, facilitates, and curates the Engagement Based Recruiting process.
  • Cloud-based

  • Secure

  • Zero-setup

  • Zero-training

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Stay Engaged with Talent You Nearly Placed

Many firms, despite their best efforts, often treat silver medalist candidates poorly.  Remember, these are the runners-up to a position; they were vetted and interviewed by one or more decision makers.  While they weren’t the gold winner, they are extraordinarily qualified for current and future positions.

When your gold medalist lands the gig, what happens to the runners-up?   In most firms, those candidates are falling into the black hole of your ATS.


The better way: nurturing that relationship until the right opportunity presents itself. 

Second place is definitely not the first loser; second place is a great opportunity to keep a great candidate!

Image by Javier Allegue Barros


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