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PeerTown’s platform organizes, facilitates, and curates the Engagement Based Recruiting process.
  • Cloud-based

  • Secure

  • Zero-setup

  • Zero-training

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Are you prepared to rehire when the market picks up?  

We all know that alumni are one of the best sources of talent. Boomerang hires know your products, your culture, your industry, plus they gain new skills and perspective while they are away. Don't lose that talent for good. 


PeerTown has a solution tailor-made for engaging with and tempting back former employees who have left on good terms. We do it with very little effort on your part and high efficiency. We’d love to show it to you. Book a time that works for you:


Nearly 70% of U.S. employees have either returned to work for a previous employer or are open to being a “boomerang” employee at some point in the future.  These "boomerangs" know you, your products, and how to work in your environment.  Maybe they needed a moment to see if the grass was greener elsewhere, but if you stay engaged with those who leave in good standing, you can catch those boomerangs – and keep them. Let’s get started.


Using PeerTown, HR can invite alumni directly into your "Inner Circle" for ongoing sharing of company news, project updates, and team changes. You already have this information; use it to maintain the communication channel and demonstrate that your former employee’s contribution was valued.

Boomerangs offer significant advantages over unfamiliar applicants, and smart companies are embracing the trend.


It starts before they really leave.  Invite alums into your Inner Circle.


Curate engagement with PeerTown's automated platform


Be ready to bring them home when their plans realign with yours.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros


Let us show you how it can work for you
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