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PeerTown is a peer-referral platform.

It reinvents and supercharges the referrals process by organizing the exclusive community of your best employees, their connections, alumni, and silver medalists and orchestrating the conversion of talents to hires.

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How do we do it?  Strategic Peer-recruiting.

Colleagues Working Together

Power of Relationships

PeerTown facilitates the relationship management aspects of peer recruiting to help reach and nurture highly-skilled individuals. 


By engaging them through their peers and nurturing their interest in upcoming projects and interesting technology, you build a direct relationship with a pool of talent pre-disposed to being open to you.

Based on
Cognitive Science

PeerTown uses a psychology-backed approach called Engagement Based Recruiting. 


It facilitates building long term relationships with prospective talent across the ties they have with top employees at your company.  

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Job Interview

Better Candidate Fit

Proactive engagement with potential candidates gives your company and prospective talent the opportunity to get to know each other which makes for better fit. 


After all, the only thing worse than not filling a role is filling it with the wrong person. 

Let us help you nurture the RIGHT people for your future workplace.

Long Term Nurture

Relationships take time, but they are worth it. 

Most companies understand the value of building long term relationships but the heavy lifting involved makes it prohibitive. 


Our relationship management system automates much of the manual processes involved in finding, engaging, and continuing to engage with potential talent over time.

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It's NOT Headhunting

No one wants to be 'hunted'.   Choose a better way.


Finding, attracting, and keeping the best talent is more important than ever before.  


Engagement-based peer recruitment - traditionally used by expensive executive search agencies and executive recruiting functions - is an industry best known method for finding talent that isn’t currently looking "but might be a great fit."  However, agencies are expensive - and the relationships are built with the agency or the recruiter, and not with your company.


PeerTown helps democratize the process by automating much of the heavy lifting involved in long-term nurturing of relationships with your potential talent.

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