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PeerTown Proactive Sourcing platform is now
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Specialized talent communities are the key to modern employer brand management


The single biggest attraction for a top talent is a community
of similar people. Even better - if the community includes people the talent knows and respects. The challenge is to maintain such communities over time; to keep producing content that is relevant and engaging. It’s hard. Most engineers,researchers, and innovators are not writers and most writers are not subject matter experts.

PeerTown came up with a new solution combining technology and social engineering. It includes
invitation-only, company-managed professional communities, called Inner Circles.

This is where your best employees, appointed for this purpose, interact with future candidates. Our patent-pending engine automatically converts user and system-updates into personalized and relevant messages. HR controls and curates the process with very little labor involved.

To learn more about PeerTown’s Employer Branding solution, talk to us at or Contact us.

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