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PeerTown / Pricing

Our goal is to make the purchase and implementation process simple, straightforward, and completely
risk-free for our customers.

To make the purchase decision easier, we invite qualified companies to join our 2022 Lighthouse program. The program includes:

No payments until April 1, 2023.

No-questions and no-obligations cancellation during
the same period.

Dedicated mentor and executive level support.


For more details on the program contact

PeerTown Pricing Plans

Pricing plans are designed to fit any needs. To receive the full description of the pricing plans including ROI analysis, contact The highlights of the plans:

PeerTown is a SaaS product distributed by subscription.

Pricing is based on the number of participating employees. Create as many Inner Circle communities and invite as many talents as you want.

Subscription plans start at just $30,000 per year, so a single hire of a high-skilled employee justifies the investment.

Start hiring qualified candidates today with PeerTown!

We’d love to hear
from you!

63 Sunset Ridge Ln

Bolton, MA 01740

Or fill the contact form to hear from us:

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