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Employee referrals under budget cuts


Everybody loves employee referral programs. It’s the #1 source for the best employees, and money goes to your own people. What if there’s no more money for the rewards and very few vacancies? Does it mean the end of the referral program? Not at all.

The key benefits of referrals - the best talents for recruiting and the sense of involvement of your employees - remain valuable under any business conditions. The challenge is to detach referrals from open reqs and adjust the reward system to budget constraints and timing.

PeerTown came up with a comprehensive solution for these problems. Employees refer their friends and colleagues into specialized talent communities.

PeerTown’s patent-pending platform ensures a stream of relevant and engaging communications with
prospects without any efforts from HR,
who still curates and controls the process.

The award system is based on social appreciation and it’s very effective. It may complement or replace traditional monetary awards.

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