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PeerTown Proactive Sourcing platform is now
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Open vacancies don’t deliver your quota.

Why can't you hire the sales reps?

You’ve already asked your employees and networked your LinkedIn. You’ve produced a fancy brochure and your web site is gorgeous. Your comp plan is fair. But you still have vacancies.

What is missing?

Trust and Timing

Ресурс 5 2.png

No Trust

You give a candidate no reason

to believe your recruiting pitch.

Your competitors for talent make

the same promises.

Bad Timing

Your vacancy is open right now, but

a good candidate is not available

at a moment’s notice. So, you settle - or the vacancy stays open.

These seem like inevitable constraints, but PeerTown has resolved them with its sales recruiting platform - combining automation, social engineering, and a patent-pending communication engine.

At the core of the platform are invitation-only communities of your best sales and their peers - the great salespeople they know.

By using specially pre-crafted communications, you convert these communities into a pipeline of excited and personally connected candidates with very little burden on HR or Sales teams. Candidates adjust their plans based on yours.

Using the integrated rewards and recognition system, PeerTown’s platform motivates your employees and managers to participate in the recruiting process delivering unprecedented results. People, not brochures, attract people.

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Invite great salespeople into your community
before your competitors do!

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