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PeerTown Proactive Sourcing platform is now
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The next generation referrals platform that utilizes the specialized talent communities for 3X increase in qualified candidates


Take a journey to better referrals 

01. ‘Referrals’ is the best hiring tool!

  • 20 - 40% of all hires come from referrals

  • #1 in hiring manager satisfaction 

  • 350% less likely to get fired

  • Over $7,500 savings per hire 

  • 45% more likely to stay with the company

  • 25% more profit for employer

02. Traditional ‘Referrals’ have two fundamental limitations (otherwise agencies & Linkedin would not exist)

  • Only 8 - 12% of people are looking for a job. The question: “Who do you know that we can hire?” quickly drains the short list of available talent.

  • Even if a person is a good fit, the chance of them being available right now is very slim. People don’t suddenly drop their current job just because of a new opportunity.

  • Referral processing is labor intensive. When referrals are not followed up with, employees stop participating.

03. Our referrals platform provides the benefits of the traditional programs but removes their limitations

  • At the core of it, is the Inner Circle: an invitation-only talent community.

  • It is formed by your best employees - connectors - inviting their former colleagues, classmates, and friends.

  • The question is replaced with: “Do you know anybody who’s good enough for our Inner Circle?” This produces a lot of names.

04. The Inner Circle becomes a pipeline of engaged and excited candidates

  • Connectors routinely produce micro-updates related to projects, technology, and teams.

  • Based on micro-updates and the digital profiles of talents, PeerTown’s engine generates, delivers, and tracks highly personalized and engaging messages to talents.

  • Any reaction from a talent improves further personalization. The engagement level is continuously monitored.

  • Badge-based recognition system provides additional incentive for employees.


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