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Alex Elkin


Serial entrepreneur with 3 successful exits. Alex has 27 years of experience in B2B products and SaaS platforms.

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Scott Nevins


Led Talent Acquisition functions across multiple industries including Citizens Bank, and Staples.

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Dmitry Chudinov


Vast experience managing large development teams for reliable cloud applications. Previously Head of Frontend for SberMarket.


People who believe in the power of relationships.  Our advisors are some of the top minds in recruitment today.  Their insight into the unmet needs of the industry are what led us to create this breakthrough approach we call Inner Circles.  

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Jennifer Mounce

Manages 10,000 people in 17 countries. Author of two books, "No Bad Hires" and "Leadership Guidebook"; and was VP of People Matters for Omnicom.

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Alex Levi

Sales Executive with 20+ years of experience bringing transformational B2B technology to markets, building productive Go-To-Market teams that enjoy their work environment. 

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Sherry Morrison

Prior to her current position, Sherry managed the talent acquisition for IBM and The Weather Company.

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Susanne Talbot

Talent Acquisition and People Operations professional with over 20 years experience. Previous Director of Human Resources at Informio.

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